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technically Billie didn’t lie because that wasn’t really Rose 

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Day Eight: TV Character Crush 

I could probably name 50 if I let myself! 
I’ll try to keep it to three, not necessarily the top three though. 

Nick from New Girl <3 


Auggie from Covert Affairs <3 

and for the third let’s go with uhm THE DOCTOR…duh. <3

2 years ago
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Day 27: Favorite Interview

I don’t watch many so I’m gonna say this one?

2 years ago
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Day 16: Favorite Actor

Duh. Anyone who knows me knows I love this man.






2 years ago
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where can i watch True Love?! 

2 years ago
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Favorite Doctor:




was there any doubt? always him <3

2 years ago
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Day Eighteen: Unlikely Crush 

David Tennant <3

and pretty much every other male on Doctor Who lol 

2 years ago
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Day 29 – Current t.v show obsession

Doctor Who obviously.

2 years ago
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Day 25: Favorite Doctor Catchphrase





2 years ago
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Day 6: Favorite Special Episode 


Either “Voyage of the Damned”


or “A Christmas Carol”


I really love the Doctor Who Christmas specials.

2 years ago
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i think doctor who might be one of my biggest tv obsessions yet.  it’s just so brilliant i can’t help it.  i miss david tennant thought.

graduating from college tomorrow, might have to reward myself with a doctor who marathon.

2 years ago
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